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Flokser Group has been providing service constantly improving without conceding from the quality in the furniture upholstery sector for 30 years. Flokser Group which was founded in the early 1980’s by Rafet, Yasin and Rasim Tükek brothers in İstanbul has begun their production activities when Tükek family met fiber grain so called flock.

Flokser Group which started its first production in a 450m2 workshop; is today one of the world’s leading upholstery fabric, leather, suede (flock fabric) and polyurethane producer and exporter.

Flokser Group provides service to the sector in the production area with Leather Line, Suede Line, Fabric Line and Poliser PU factories; in retail area with Sertex brand. In the Hadımköy factory which has been established on a 65.000 mt2 closed space service is being provided with PU, PVC, rigids for insulations, filter, integral, shoe soles, technical leather polyurethanes and shock paint coated technical leather products for upholstery, clothing, shoes sectors. Çerkezköy factory which was established on 110.000m2 space is providing services as the biggest flocked fabric, woven and print integrated facility of the world with regards to its production rate. The Group which now has a production area of 175.000m2 is among the leaders of the world market on technical textile production.

Flokser Group adopts providing world class products and services to its customers. Flokser Group which creates a difference in its sector with product quality, high production capacity, innovative approach, is becoming one of the sector leaders in the world with its strong and dynamic Sertex Sales and Marketing Team.

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