With its’ product projects it developed and started mass production together with OEM Main and Side Industry companies of automotive sector, Flokser has achieved to make its’ name in international arena in a short time. For automotive technical leather industry service provided in sales-marketing, design, R&D, quality, demand planning, supply, after-sales operations and logistics fields. With its’ experience and competency in this field Flokser is getting in touch with more projects each day and creates a great potential with its’ financial power, investment support and production capacity.

Flokser manufactures approved products in OEM companies such as Mercedes, VW, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Karsan, MAN, DAF, ISUZU, Temsa. In addition it also sells to T1 companies providing service for socalled companies. Flokser products are used in many projects from sun visors of passenger cars to gear shift leather.