Within the context of our sense of high quality we constituted with our mission, vision and basic values, customer satisfaction for our products and services highly matters for Flokser familiy. In order to provide the best service for our customers we continously carry the importance we put on customer satisfaction further through extensive studies and policies to develop customer relations processes and by participation and support of all related departments. Accordingly as Flokser we fell honored to provide service with a high customer oriented policy in our sector.

Our Basic Principles

Customer Orientation: We adopt a customer oriented approach in order to provide a high level service to our customers and fulfill their expectation at the highest level possible.

Solution Orientation: We provide fast and effective solution in line with our customers’ needs.

Accessibility: Our customers can easily forward their complaints, information requests, suggestions or satisfactions and access our company through various communication channels provided by our company.

Information Reachability: Our customers can reach the information they request as soon as possible and as fast as it can be.

Fast Feedback: We highly consider and pay required attention for the request, satisfaction, appreciation and complaint information sent by our customers. If any study, work, improvement and development is needed required action is taken as soon as possible.

Objectivity: All forwarded submissions considered and assessed in an objective manner and objectivity criteria are considered during solution process.

Confidentiality: All private information about our customers such as personal etc. are use-restricted by laws and confidentiality principle is adhered to.

Taking Initiative: In order to be able to fullfil our customers’ needs as soon as possible and keep customer satisfaction at highest level our employees have the authority to take initiative and decision when required.

Customer Participation to Process: We most effectively send feedback to our customers about the assessment and solution phases of all kinds of positive and negative situations forwarded by our customers. Thus we ensure our customer actively participating our processes.

Accountability: We openheartedly meet and support the audit requests from our customers.

In-House Information: Activities, satisfactions, complaints, policies, procedures and annual objectives on customer relations in our company are shared across the company and considered under general corporate culture. All activities, policies ,objectives and procedures are adopted, supported and followed within the corporation.

Continous Development: Suggestions and opinions from our customers are strictly considered and used as resources as part of continous development studies.

Professional Approach: Our company responds to our customers’ demands with its’ professional staff and a professional approach.

All approaches to our customers and ‘Flokser Customer Approach Policy’ are monitored by the Executive Board and all constructive studies and works are positively supported across the company.