Today corporations are going towards changes in their actions because of reasons such as ever developing competition environment, quality of products and services resembling each other and raising awareness and expectations of consumers. Nowadays where making a differance becomes a necessity only companies acting with corporate social responsibility approach can accomplish this differentiation criteria. But it’s also corporations’ basic missions to draw attention to the society they belong, raise awareness on problems waiting for a solution and developing projects towards finding solutions.

As Flokser, with financial successes in export we have showed since the day we were founded to this day we have pioneered the development of social and environmental life as well as the development in national economy. Our corporate social responsibility policy is within the context of all values and based on sustainability strategy. We see creating value for the society and all parts of it we belong as one of the basic responsibility areas and we act with a wide perspective to ensure continuity.

In line with the principles and objectives Atatturk left us as a legacy; we pull out all the stops for our country to develop and come to a contemporary level. In addition to the contribution we put on national economy, we also continue our studies on education at first and human rights, increasing youth and woman employment, energy efficiency and environment protection areas and draw attention in society to issues needed to be regulated.

Accordingly since the first day we both create various projects and participate in existing ones and take required steps for social development. As in yesterday and also in today, we always keep our goals high for a better future.