Flokser Chemistry is Turkey’s first technical leather polyurethane manufacturer. Flokser Chemistry manufactures polyurethane resins suitable for all processes in technical leather manufacture, as coating (upper surface, mid surface, bonding), coagulation and lacquer coming at first. Polyurethane resins diverse by means of physical and chemical properties according to the manufacturing phase they’re used in.

Polyurethane systems used in technical leather manufacturing are generally solvent-based and mostly used solvent is DMF. But DMF is classified as toxic rawmaterial and known harmful to human health. This solvent of which’s use is restricted in time, is added to REACH SVCH (Substances of Very High Concern) list in 19.12.2012 because of its’ harmful effects. Thereby use of this solvent will be completely prohibited in a short time. As Flokser Chemistry we’ve been manufacturing DMF-free since 2013 and bio-based technical leather polyurethanes since 2016.