As a pioneer and leading company in its’ sector, we undertake to fulfill customer wishes and requests in an open, transparent, fast, reliable and customer oriented way.

We consider customer requests always with our quality and fast service manner. We examine every complaint from our customers in an objective and fast way and offer a solution. We track and analyse the complaints until all internal and external sourced solution paths are tried and our customer are satisfied and fulfill customer expectations with continous development.

We encourage the participation, sharing and creativity of all our stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders, Society and Legal Institutions) and provide environments where they can express and continously improve themselves.

While we constitute the policies and goals of request handling process we pay regard to legal and legislational requirements and customer expectations. To determine areas open for improvement and increase productivity we regularly review customer complaint management process and available systems.

The purpose of Flokser complaint management process is to consider complaints forwarded to us through all pur interaction channels in the fastest way possible and according to written company rules and procedures and to manage them fairly, objectively, in a standard approach, within the scope of customer satisfaction and by increasing our product and service quality.

In line with our ISO 10002 goals our customer complaint handling and closing process is as below:

  • Receiving the Complaint and Prior Review: 1 WORKDAY
  • Complaint Assessment: 4 WORKDAYS
  • Complaint Resolving: 1 WORKDAY

Forwarding Complaints

It’s possible for our customers to reach us through various interaction channels.


  • Can be forwarded by accessing thorugh “Complaint Entry” screen in the “Customer Services” section in our website.
  • Can be forwarded to us via mail address
  • Can be forwarded through our customer representatives or technical support team.

The recommended and fast method is complaints made through “Complaint Entry” screen in our website.

Even the complaints reach us through different interaction channels they all gathered in a single pool and resolved by a single center. In order for complaints to be able to be forwarded and taken under record Flokser has established the required substructure in all channels and continously improves them.

Taking Under Record

In accordance with all Flokser procedures and complaint handling process, all customer complaints are taken under record adn assessed. Our customers will be informed via SMS that their complaints are taken under record. A complaint tracking number and a password will be send together with SMS to the customer.

Our customer can enter with this number and password send to him/her via SMS and track his/her complaint status through “Customer Services / Complaint Tracking” menu in website. Complaint will be informed to the customer with “Complaint Received” status.

He/she should send it as a mail to

Complaint Assessment

Complaints will be resolved by our expert on subject customer representatives in our Customer Services Center and our technical staff in our factories.

Our goal is to assess and resolve complaints at first time.

Complaints sent to our Customer Services Center are classified according to their complaint categories and directed to regarding departments according to product’s/service’s qualification. Complaints are assessed with materials obtained from customers or officers in charge such as information, documents, samples, photos etc. and considering the customer expectation too suitable resolve offer and complaint end decision will be clarified.

Complaint in this phase will be informed to the customer as “In Assessment” status.

Complaint Resolving

Our comany’s priority is to resolve customer complaints as soon as possible. Every customer complaint is assessed and resolved with maximum care and attention in a fair, objective and standard way according to our complaint management processes. The information on complaint resolve will be informed to customer via SMS by Customer Services Center. Customer can access to the resolve report and detailed information aabout the complaint through the complaint tracking screen in Flokser Chemistry website. Complaint in this phase will be informed to the customer as “Resolved” status.

Agreement with Customer

An approval will be obtained from the customer through website about the complaint resolve decision informed to the customer. If customer approves the resolve decision informed to him/her complaint status will be recorded as “Closed” and complaint will ve ended.

If customer doesn’t approve the resolve decision complaint will be processed and assessed for a second time to search for alternative solutions. At the end of the process customer will be informed about alternative solutions and resolve decision. If customer approves the decision for the 2nd time offered solution complaint will be recorded as “Closed” and ended.

If customer doesn’t approve the decision for the 2nd time complaint will be recorded as “Open”. In this case customer will be informed about external solutions.

Continuous Development

Flokser aims to continously develop the effectivity and productivity of the compalint handling process with actions it applies. Besides adopting corrective/preventive actions, researching innovations and using comparison methods in order to prevent the repetition of complaint causing problems and possible other ones, it also carries out below activities.

Searches for and applies the best complaint handling practices,

Adopts a customer-oriented approach within the organization,

Encourages innovations on complaint handling and development,

In order to prevent more than one repetitive complaints on the same subject, plans and applies actions.