• Solid powder
• Glass bubble
• SiO2 based
• Specially designed hollow micro beads that can be used as inorganic support material. It is an alternative to traditional support materials like silica, calcium carbonate, talcum powder and clay for tough applications. These low density particles can be utilized from different industries in order to reduce the cost, increase the properties of the final product and decrease the mass.
• Used in path line paints to give desired strength and gloss around 5-25 percentages,
• In specially designed paints and ceramic glazes,
• In acrylic paints,
• Used in plastic industry and composite products as a support material to provide flame retardant properties and to increase the strenght of the product,
• In glass fiber industry,
• In emery industry as abrasive,
• In order to provide shining and toughness to epoxy coatings,
• In polyurethane and acrylic sheet production.

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