Low Density PU Slipper

The new-generation polyurethane system which was developed with prioritization of features such as comfort, lightness and compressive strength, provides consumers with safe production efficiency and 15% cost effectiveness by making safe application possible through its superior dimensional stability, even when molded density is 230 kg/m3.

Bio Based PU Slipper

As a result of our growing awareness of environmental concerns and sustainability issues, we introduced to the sector in Turkey the slipper systems with 30% biological content. The bio-based PU slipper systems ensured development of products that decompose quickly in the nature without compromising the final product properties.

Low Density PU Spray

The new-generation PU system with 18 kg/m3 free rise density and superior dimensional stability, developed for spray PU foam applications, provides consumers with a 40% cost effectiveness in various insulation applications.

PU Spray With B1

In the construction sector, it is expected for the spray polyurethane systems used for heat insulation, sound Insulation and waterproofing on roofs, façades, reverse roofs and foors to have superior non-fammability. The new-generation spray PU system which was specially developed for this necessity is in B1 fammability class and eliminates an important shortage in the insulation sector by ensuring for any fire on the foam to be extinguished by itself once the source of the fame is removed.

Memory Foam In-Sole

These are PU systems which have been developed and introduced to the sector with the purpose of providing comfort and relaxation, and minimizing tiredness by distributing the stress on the foot to the whole surface through memory foam foot beds with a free rise density of 0,08 g/cm3 and fast demold time.

Ballistic Polyurea

Polyurea systems that are applied to various surfaces (metals, metal plates, wood, military vehicles, etc.) for ballistic protection have been specially developed for enhancement of safety in military-related areas. These systems, which prevent damage to the surface they are applied on by means of their superior energy absorption, are resistant against bullets with 9 mm bullets and 45-caliber bullets from a close range.

Discontinuous Panel

This is the first discontinuous panel in B1 fammability class that was introduced to the sector with the non-fammability property which is well sought after in cold room panels.