Flokser has started Lean 6 Sigma Studies in 2009. Since 2009 with a determined approach and motivation focusing on continuous improvement it has been spreading the Lean Management approach across the company and ensure lean practices being carried out in manufacturing, supply chain, planning and supportive units.

Focusing on the value in lean manufacturing approach in all current processes is taken as a principle. Accordingly eliminating processes and activities not creating a value at all and kaizens – a continous development method – have a great importance and contribution.

By spreading the management with goals approach among all employees the improvement in performance measures of units has also contributed in job outcomes.
While Flokser is increasing its’ profitability and customer satisfaction with Lean 6 Sigma philosophy it on the other hand is making way for cultural change.


The basic purposes of 5S studies are arranging the working environment, making it a more ergonomical and healthy condition, designing it in a way to avoid wastes and initiating to be able to detect waste points more easily.

In Flokser 5S is practiced in all departments and units of the company. In order to ensure continuity and discipline 5S trainings are regularly given to all employees and thus ensured awareness is raised. 5S Performances of units are continuosly monitored through audits regularly carried out each month. Audits for manufacturing sites and offices are carried out separately. As a result of the findings determined after audits units will take required actions to raise the 5S scores to the targeted level. 5S Performances of units are visually This way there ensured a disciplined 5S implementation.