Within the context of honesty and solemnity principles; and being aware of our mutual interests with our suppliers we practice business relation processes based on win-win principle in a fair and sharing level.

We make our supplier choices in line with environmental, social and economical criteria we designate according to sustainability principle and to protect our competitive position we assess all domestic and foreign supplier alternatives, regularly follow sectoral developments and guarantee that purchased materials complies with legal directives such as RoHs, REACH.

We care about the sustainability of the relationship with our suppliers and support their innovative and creative works with common projects. We give priority to national suppliers as part of using national resources efficiently.

As part of continous improvement and development of our domestic and foreign suppliers we execute Supplier Assessment and Auditing System.

We audit our supplier in quality service fields under documentation, process, quality, human resources, logistics and continous development topics and also assess their studies and measures taken on environmental and occupational safety.

Our Expectations From Our Suppliers;

  • Compatible with our policies and strategies ,
  • Complying with national and international requirements on environmental issues,
  • Complying with national and international requirements on occupational health and safety issues,
  • Caring about information security, complying with information confidentiality, complying with legal working conditions,
  • Not discriminating its’ employees,
  • Not employing child labor,
  • Using only volunteer labor,
  • Recognizing and respecting collective bargaining rights of employees, not violating the immunity of their employees in physical, sexual, psychological etc. ways, complyign with business ethics,
  • Providing qaulity products/services with competitive conditions in time,
  • Caring about technological developments, research and improvement,

Working with social responsibility awareness, being sensitive about ecological balance