Polyester polyols are the hydroxyl group (-OH) produced as a result of the polycondensation reaction of various dicarboxylic acids and glycols and semi-finished products which can be synthesized in the range of 350-4000 dalton molecular weight. These polyester polyols are used in many sectors according to their properties. With an annual capacity of 15 thousand tons, Flokser Kimya can respond to our customers' needs of aliphatic, aromatic, linear, branch and pet based polyester polyol.
  • Footwear PU Systems
  • Rigit PU Groups (Refrigerator, discontinuous panel, sandwich panel, sprey, wood imitation, vb. )
  • Flexible Foams ( Slabstock, cold cure, vb.
  • Elastomer
  • Adhesives
  • Coatings

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