A single component polyurethane adhesive containing no solvent and cured with moisture. Suitable for concrete, brick, metal, laminate, alluminium and plastics in manufacturing and repairing of furnitures, boats, wooden door and windows, acoustic panels, stairs and fitted kitchen. Becomes water and sea-water resistant 24 hours after the application.

Marine Adhesive:

  • Color: Brown
  • Density: kg/m3 1.10 ±0.01
  • Viscosity: cPs 5000-10000

Transparent Marine Adhesive:

  • Color: Transparent
  • Density: kg/m3 1.10 ±0.01
  • Viscosity: cPs 5000-10000

Marine adhesive:

  • Incrustation time: min. 30±5
  • Pressing time (min.): min. 120
  • Application temperature: °C 5-35

Transparent marine adhesive:

  • Incrustation time: min. 15±5
  • Pressing time (min.): min. 30-60
  • Application temperature: °C 5-35

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