Systems with B1, B2 and B3 incombustibility according to DIN 4102 standard and that are in application densities of 35-44 kg/m to be applied between metal-metal, metal-membrane (PVC-TPU) used in roof and front coatings of structures such as factories, malls, cold-chamber depots, prefabricated etc. It consists of five components as polymyx, isocyanate, catalyst, solid and inflator agent. 

  • Mix proportion: Polymyx/isocyanate 100/125-155
  • Creaming time: 8-15
  • Gelling time: 28-32
  • Touchable time: 38-46
  • Free rise density: kg/m3 45-65
  • Mould density: kg/m3 33-45
  • Incombustibility: DIN 4102 B1, B2 ve B3
  • Dimensional stability: % < 1
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: W/mK 0.022-0.024
  • Compressive strength: N/mm2 0.25-0.35
  • Closed cell ratio: % 90-95

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