Research & Development

Flokser is determined on continous research and development to stay competitive and interested. Flokser is Turkey’s first and only company which has a special polyurethane and textile R&D center.

Flokser has always become the first company in Turkey that achieved some specific milestones. Flokser has become the first company in Turkey that has produced easy clean synthetic leather polyurethane, water-based polyurethane dispersion, bio-based polyols, bio-based polyurethanes for synthetic leathers and coatings and DMF-free coating polyurethane. Besides these, Flokser has produced the first DMF-free, bio-based coating polyurethane in the world. Our innovation course is going on. Last year 42 new products has been offered to the market bu us.

Our R&D department carrying out its’ activities in syntheis and application laboratory, is consisting of M.Sc chemists and chemical engineers. Our specialist expert team focused on finding specific permanent solutions and aims to create effective waves in human life.

  • Nearly 30 new products / year
  • More than 10 joint projects with TUBITAK
  • 18 unfinished 3 on-going TEYDEP projects
  • Collaboration with manu universities
  • R&D budget equal to %3 of the rvenue