In Flokser, in addition to meeting the requirements of our clients in terms of shoe and slipper sectors, our main priority is to satisfy our clients by designing products that exceed their expectations.

We are making a difference in the sector by providing different and innovative products by following changing trends and fashion via our state certificated design centre, which is a first in the sector.

Also, we ensure that our clients are become distinct in the sector thanks to shoes/slippers that are made of artificial (sentetic) leather and that we prepare specially based on various criteria, such as colour, pattern, (handle) quality and ease of use etc.

We follow closely the developments in raw material and production technologies, sectoral leaders and prestigious expos in global arena. We aim to meet the requirements of consumers all-round by integrating technology and fashion with our products.

We develop our PU (coagulated) and PVC artificial (sentetic) leather products in shoe and slipper sectors continuously by making investments in R & D and Technologies

By producing PU (colagulated) and PVC shoe products for women and men, as well as sports shoes, boots and liners for children, and also, by producing artificial (sentetic) leather products for the same, we are manufacturing various shoe products that are consistent with current trends, that will make a difference and that will meet the requirements of the market.

In our firm, in which developments in raw materials, processes and technologies are followed closely, we are preparing collections, which are renewed annually, by producing products in any pattern, colour, thickness and quality.

Sport Shoes

Thanks to the coagulated line, we are manufacturing 100% PU polyurethane products and shoe upper products that are filled with colours inside out. We also have PVC shoe upper product groups in any required thickness, colour and pattern.

Women/Men Shoes

Thanks to our PU artificial leather products used on women and men shoes, we are manufacturing products that may be used comfortably by our clients, i. e. products that are in any quality, colour, pattern and touch.

We also have PVC artificial (sentetic) leather products for producing boots and shoes with a distinctive finish and touch in the sector.


Thanks to our PU and PVC technical leather product groups that are in the thickness of 0,8 – 1,0 mm, we are manufacturing artificial (sentetic) leather that may be used as upper leather and that may be used in combination.


  • Products must be stored in areas that are not subject to any moisture and direct sunlight, and must be kept away from any source of heat.
  • Packaged balls must be maintained vertically. In case they have to be stored on top of each other, it is advised to not to overload and to not to keep them waiting for a long time.
  • In case products are carried by forklift or by other methods, care must be shown, and measures must be taken in order to preventitfrom being damaged due to shocks. The external package is only meant to prevent the product from getting dirty and dusty.
  • No interference must be made by sharp objects while taking products out of their packages.
  • First visual control must be made after thedelivery of the product and before taking products to the storage area. In case any non-conformity is determined relative customer representative must be contacted. Returned products that are delivered 30 days from return date are not accepted
  • Product labeling details are as follows. Pay attention to the colour code and other data available on the label. Tone differences may occur production process. Therefore, it is advised to use and sell the product according to lot sequence.


a) Before Use

  • Manufacturers/wholesalers must request information on the contents and specifications of products in order to make product design according to the characteristic structures of final products.
  • It may cause unwanted reactions when the product is used with different types of materials. (dyeing, vomiting, hardening, opdacity, giare, etc.) Before mass production, prototype should be done and tested.
  • Initial visual controls must be made before performing any operations with prod- ucts. Mass production must not be initiated before making studies on samples and before verifying whether final products’ satisfy test values. Returned prod- ucts, which are processed and cut, are not accepted.

  • Sewing must be performed by selecting suitable needle, thread and machinery in a way to not to deteriorate the physical structure of the product. Production must be initiated by making sample seams and after making seam and rupture controls.
  • Light and dark coloured products must not be used in combination against any risks that may occur in the future. Also, they must not be used with different iypes of materials, fastness value of which you are certain (fabric, denim and accessories etc.).
  • Tone differences may occur between lots due to process conditions. Same lots must be used together during usage. Separation of lot data available on labels is explained in the storage conditions section in detail
  • ln the case of productions made by using adhesive, it must be ensured that adhesive is not overused, and solvent is not used by being evaporated. Excessive amount of adhesive or solvent causes peeling, chipping and deformation on product surfaces.

b) After Use

  • Measures must be taken against damages that may occur during storage and handling of products.
  • Packaging procedures must be performed in a way to prevent products from being broken, causing tracks, adhering and being damaged. Various protective materials must be put between products, such as paper etc. Do not overload packages in order to prevent them from making pressure to each other. We hereby notify that products that have tracks due to such situations may not be corrected.
  • Packaged products must not be kept in boxes for a long time. Do not keep packages in hot and humid environments.
  • Users shall be liable for any defects that may occur due to process and person- al use during usage of the product.
  • Please ask from your supplier to provide you Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for the product in order to determine the washing instructions for the product and to share the same with end consumers. Washing instruction varies for every prod- uct.


  • Any stains, residuals or wetness that may occur on the surface of the product must be removed by a vacuum or absorbent rag immediately. Then, relative product must be wiped gentiy by a damp cloth or by water soluble chemicals (Ph-neutral,non-alcoholic and soft soap) immediately. Wiped surfaces must not be left wet and moist.
  • Washing instructions are determined individualIy for each product. Procedures must be performed according to washing instructions determined on labels. Washing and dry cleaning must not be performed as long as it is not determined on labels.
  • Wet and moist leather must be dried by being suspended and by natural methods without using any heat sources, such as hair driers, irons and heaters etc.
  • Various products may deteriorate the surface of products, such as concentrated cleaners, detergents, xylene based solvents, alcohol, cologne and acetone. Users shall be liable Tor any damages that may source from usage of such cleaners.
  • Products must be prevented from being in contact with various types of fabrics, accessories or materials for a long time as they are being used and stored. Impurities that are available on such type of materials may cause migra- tion. Set-in stains may occur as a result of any increase in moist and temperature levels in particular.
  • Keep your clothes, shoes, bags or accessories that are made of our products in breathing covers, in areas that are not subject to any heat and moisture, and that are ventilated properly, and without folding the same and in a way to not to cause any tracks.
  • Use/wear your products by protecting the same from various chemicals, such as hair sprays, perfumes and colognes etc.

As a Flokser, we contribute to the prevention of waste with the usage of chemicals that are environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health by adapting to the needs of the developing world with the principle of sustainability. With the efficient use of resources, we reflect our respect to the environment, humanity, future generations and ourselves on all our products.

 Breaking a new ground, Flokser has taken the first step in the production of environmentally friendly products with Bio content its BIOGEN products. Bio-based products produced with the polymers obtained from waste plant roots and leaves are documented in accredited laboratories after their bio content are determined.

With its new generation technical leather production, Flokser continues to add value to life with high quality standards, eco-friendly and sustainable growth to meet the needs of the changing world.

  • What are the peeling and adhesion values of artificial leather for shoes?

We produce products with our artificial leather for shoes that meet the specifications and serve many big brands in this field.

  • Are the artificial leather shoes waterproof?

If requested, it is possible to make artificial leather shoes waterproof.

  • Are the artificial leather shoes products flexible?

It is possible to make a very flexible or inflexible artificial leather shoes products.

  • Do the artificial leather shoes stretch out?

Stretching out of an artificial leather shoes is related to the artificial leather and the production of the shoes. We produce artificial leather shoes products of the established specifications.

  • Where can I find artificial leather PU (polyurethane) product?

As in Flokser Textile, we have PU (polyurethane) and PVC production lines.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for shoes in Gedikpaşa?

You can find our Flokser-made artificial leather in many wholesalers in Gedikpaşa. We also have a regional directorate in Istanbul’s “Saraçlar” industrial site. We would like to welcome you to our Flokser Marmara Regional Directorate for any product requests.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for shoes in Işıkkent?

You can find our Flokser-made artificial leather in many wholesalers in Işıkkent. We also have a regional directorate in İzmir’s “Karabağlar” industrial site. We would like to welcome you to our Flokser Aegean-Marmara Regional Directorate for any product requests.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for slippers in Gaziantep?

We sell artificial leather for slippers in the Gaziantep area. You can contact our Anadolu Regional Directorate for information.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for sports shoes?

As Flokser Textile, we produce PU (Polyurethane), PVC artificial leather for sports shoe.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for lining?

As Flokser Textile, we produce PU (Polyurethane), PVC artificial leather for lining.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for women’s shoes?

As Flokser Textile, we produce PU (Polyurethane), PVC artificial leather for women’s shoes.

  • What are the companies producing artificial leather for slippers and sandals?

As Flokser Textile, we produce PU (Polyurethane), PVC artificial leather for slippers and sandals.

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