Forwarding Complaints

It’s possible for our customers to contact us through various communication channels. 


  • Can be forwarded by accessing through “Customer Complaint Entry” at the “Customer Services” menu in our website.
  • Can be forwarded directly to us via mail address
  • Forwarded to us through our shops in Turkey and abroad.
  • Our corporate customers will be directed to Customer Communication Center through our customer representatives.

Can be forwarded through our website’s “Customer Complaint Entry” section.

Complaints made through “Customer Services” screen in our website is the recommended and fast method.

Even the complaints reaches us through different interaction channels they all be gathered in a single pool and resolved by the center. In order for complaints to be able to be forwarded and taken under record Flokser Textile has established and continuously develops required sub structures in all channels.

Taking Under Record

As required by Flokser Textile procedures our complaint handling process is being taken under record and all customer complaints are assessed. Our customer are informed via SMS that complaints are being taken under record. A complaint tracking number and password will be sent to the customer via SMS

Our customer can sign in with this number sent to him/her and track his/her complaint’s status through “Customer Services/Customer Complaint Tracking” menu in website. The complaint is informed to customer with “Complaint Received” status.

For customer complaints to be able to be assessed and resolved fast the complainant customer should send the complaint number received via SMS after entering the complaint through website and documents belonging to the complained product/service such as invoice, photo, video etc. via e-mail to

Complaint Assessment

Complaints are resolved in our Customer Services Center by our customer representatives and expert-on-field technical staff in our factories. Our goal is to assess and resolve complaints right at first time. Complaints forwarded to our Customer Services Center are classified according to complaint categories adn directed to regarding factories according to product/service nature. Complaints are assessed with information, documents, samples, photo etc. materials obtained from the customers and considering also the customer expectation suitable solution offer and complaint resolve is clarified. Complaint in this phase is informed to the customer with “Under Assessment” status.

Complaint Resolving

Resolving customer complaints as fast as possible is our company’s priority. Each customer complaint is assessed and resolved with maximum care and attention, according to our complaint management processes and in a fair, obective and standard aspect. The complaint resolving information is forwarded to the customer by Customer Services Center via SMS Customer can reach to the resolve report and detailed information about complaint through the complaint tracking screen in website. Complaint in this phase is informed to the customer with “Resolved” status.

Agreement with Customer

A confirmation will be taken from the customer through website about the complaint resolve informed to the customer. If the customer confirms the resolve informed to him/her the complaint status will be recorded as “Closed” and complaint will be ended.

If the customer won’t confirm the resolve complaint will be put into process and assessed for a second time to search for alternative ways of solution. At the end of process customer is informed about the alternative ways of solution and resolve. If the customer confirms the resolve presented as a result of the solution offered for a second time complaint will be taken to “Closed” status and ended.

If the customer won’t confirm the complaint resolve for the second time complaint will be taken to “Open” status. In this case customer is informed about external ways of solution.

Continuous Development

Our complaint management sytem is continuosly reviewed and developed in line with the systems we use and our service quality, basic performance indicators and our objectives. To prevent complaints reoccuring the “Area Open to Development” is determined and our processes are continuously revised. Most frequently received complaint topics are regularly followed and their increase and decrease rates are tracked after the deevelopment. A customer calling us again with the same complaint in a short time is also observed as a tracking criteria and regarding action is taken. When reoccuring problems determined root cause analysis is conducted, main cause is determined and there ensured it doesn’t occur again by making required arrangements.

Steps of Complaint Management Process

Receiving Complaint (2 days)

  • Entering the complaint into system
  • Complaint feedback (Received Information)
  • Providing samples or images regarding the complaint
  • Forwarding samples and images to assessment unit

Assessing Complaint (4 days) 

  • Physical assessment of samples or images (Visual, Laboratory etc. Checks
  • Taking complaint resolves and entering them into system

Complaint Resolving and Information (1 day) 

Processing the the complaint on the system and informing the customer about the resolve verbally or in written.