Established with the purposes of continously developing all technical equipments and competencies required for our employees under Flokser Textile to carry out their jobs with “quality and productivity”, adopting and harmonizing all human resource practices of our day with our corporate culture and providing a creative and developing job environment, our Human Resources Department is in service under General Directorate. Common values that are fundamental for group success and resulting from Flokser Textile founding president Rafet Tufek’s leadership caharcteristics, are fully understood and adopted by all employees and there formed a culture of being from Flokser.

“Human” have the priority in Flokser Textile. When it’s considered with regards to human resources it makes up within the context of management principles, participatory management, pioneership, prestige, quality, full information, flexibility, value creating and authorizing which all taking corporate values as basis.

While Human Resources department in general assumes the duty of recruiting applicants with the potential of “managing the future” and being able to carry our organization to its’ goals it also adopts both the human resources systems such as continous training, performance assessment based on effective, fair and objective measuring methods, reealistic career planning, effective wage management, appreciation and recognition system, offer reward system and a service sense that will ensure our employees and their families to be good-humoured and happy “within and out of working hours”.

“Our objective is the happy employee and successful company.” Come and let’s manage the future together.
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